Transform your parking lot

It's time to change how you think about parking lots. With ParkOR, you can easily rent out parking spaces when you're not using them.

  • Maximize your parking lot's earning potential
  • Control availability based on your needs
  • Join a community of parking lot owners
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Redfine your urban spaces

In the United States, almost 70% of urban space is dedicated to cars, yet finding a parking spot is still incredibly difficult. With ParkOR, finding parking will be easier than ever.

  • Maximize urban space by renting out unused parking spots
  • Alleviate stress and time wasted searching for parking
  • Contribute to more efficient city planning
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Unlock your parking potential

Apartments, banks, churches, and many other organizations have parking lots that sit empty for a significant part of the day. Utilize this unused potential with ParkOR.

  • Turn idle hours into income
  • Benefit from our hassle-free rental process
  • Retain control of your parking lot
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Seamless parking for drivers

Struggling to find a parking spot? With ParkOR, you can rent spaces from organizations when they're not in use.

  • Access a wide network of parking lots
  • Easy booking and payment process
  • Never worry about finding parking again
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Redefining parking with ParkOR

At ParkOR, we're facilitating a win-win situation for both parking lot owners and drivers. You can rent out your open spaces while retaining control of your lot.

  • Become part of a sustainable parking solution
  • Empower your community
  • Keep control while making income
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Do you have a parking lot?

Learn more about renting out your parking spots when you don't need them.

Are you a driver?

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